Monday, September 15, 2008

my guide to pc pest control in runescape

my guide to pc pest control in runescape
start with YOUR OWN clan's people.
You will need 25 people that will commit to play 50 or so games straight.
(takes my team at the most 2 hours to complete 50 games)
You need:
4 archers-stand in towers and kill anything that comes near gate
8 cleaners-kill monsters in front of portals, with spinners being priority targets
3 high level players to kill portals-go to portals as they are unshielded and anniate them
4 defenders-stand in middle and kill anything that comes near the void knight
3 gate keepers-repair gates and keep them shut kill anything that comes near your gate
3 rovers-fill in where you see a need or where anyone shouts for help,
if not needed for anything, they are to kill any monsters to come to the middle gate.

archers bring: 2 crystal bows each.
cleaners bring: best wepons, preferably dragon hally
portal killers bring: abyssal whip
defenders bring: best wepons, preferably dragon hally
gate keepers bring: best wepons and a hammer and some logs (about 15 per game)
rovers bring: best wepons

before the game, assign positions.
split into 4 teams, one for each portal.
each portal needs:
2 cleaners, 1 archer
each gate needs a gate keeper. there are 3 gates
the void knight gets the defenders

after each portal is down, everyone except cleaners become rovers.
Cleaners for downed portals kill all monsters in the portals' area, then become rovers.
Some players prefer to continue their current job on the next portal, this usually works out ok.

shifters port to middle way before the gate, so gate must be kept closed and rangers need to keep an eye out for them.
target them first.
Target a monster, get it to attack you, then switch targets.
If a monster line is attacking the middle, target the monsters behind the attacking monsters,
get them to attack you, then kill the first in line, otherwise, you get a neverending line of attackers.
Give gate keepers a few to restock on logs between each game.
Use clan chat to communicate.
Keep private chat to off.
If you are invaded, switch worlds.
If a team member is caught not doing their job, let them stay until you can replace them, then switch worlds

will add more as I remember :)

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