Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been playing world of warcraft some lately. It's a blast.
The only migraine I've had in the last month was cycle related. This is a huge relief because I had begun to get them several times a week before I found out my triggers. I'm still having trouble most mornings with my muscles not working. Annoying, but I can work around that.
My bestfriends' daughter is in the hospital. She has been for days and I'm impatient for the call that she's alright. She is having oxygen saturation problems.
I lost my phone charger again, so I'm getting more emails from JohnAllen. When he can't call me 20 times a day to say a sentence and hang up, he emails them. Yesterday, I responded to 12 emails, all less than 2 sentences long.
The picture above is the baby in the hospital. She's my youngest goddaughter by minutes. JohnAllen and Shanah have a 1 year old son and tripplete 5 month old daughters. If GOD forbid, something happens to them, I get the house and the kids. The house and all 3 girls' first pic are above, also. I don't know how to get it to put in the middle lol

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing personal

I've gotten 2 complaints that I don't write anything personal anymore. There are many reasons for this. First, I just haven't been feeling like a person. Lately, everything that happens to me seems to be medical. Second, although many of you are old friends from my old blog, it feels like writing to a new friend right now.
So, here a few personal things
1. My son's hair is crazy! I have real fine, thin hair. He inherited his biofather's thick, course hair. We have endless talks on how to manage it, which he basically ignores, so his hair is getting more mangy. It's really time for a hair cut. He usually only gets a trim, but its time to cut off about 3 inches. It has become such a problem that biodad who wakes me for nothing, woke me this afternoon before shopping to make sure he got the right stuff so the kids hair doesn't go feral.
2. My husband got a job offer he couldn't pass up. I think he was wanting to get back to work anyway. Last night, I stayed up all night to make sure his laundry was done and that everything was ready for him to go to work this morning. I'm sure I did the laundry wrong. I did laundry right all my life-then I met hubby. As soon as I met him, doing laundry right was a thing of the past. He was smart enough this morning not to complain. me+being nice+no sleep=tip toe or loose your feet! The weird thing is I enjoy doing these little things for him. There is something intimate about taking care of the person who takes care of you. I sang little songs while I took care of getting his things prepared for the day. It was nice.
3. I have a theory. If the mama (my husband) is working, and I am not, that makes me the Mama, right?

Friday, February 8, 2008

And we all fall down....well, at least I do

I feel bruised and battered. I keep loosing my footing when my knee shoots pain through my body. The other night, I was stepping out of our room to go to the back room and my knee went weak. I tipped over and landed weird on the door and IT FELL OFF THE HINGES! I was laughing too hard to get up for a few minutes. I broke the door with my butt! I walk like a drunk when my legs are not working. I bump into walls and chairs. If you have ever worked out so much that all your muscles are stiff as boards and sore the next day, you know what I go through each day, working the stiff out of them. It sometimes takes all day, then I sleep and mess them up again. So yesterday, I was forcing my legs to take me to the bathroom and I staggered into a door knob. now, I have a perfectly round bruise on my side. Looks like I'm molding. haha
The good news is: after several experiments, I have found that cooked onions do not cause migraines. This is a relief because I can not live without onions!! I'm seriously an onionholic! I have been since my last post without a migraine! I am enjoying the reprieve. I'm stopped up a lot, but I love my chocolate milk for breakfast every morning, so it's all good :)