Friday, February 8, 2008

And we all fall down....well, at least I do

I feel bruised and battered. I keep loosing my footing when my knee shoots pain through my body. The other night, I was stepping out of our room to go to the back room and my knee went weak. I tipped over and landed weird on the door and IT FELL OFF THE HINGES! I was laughing too hard to get up for a few minutes. I broke the door with my butt! I walk like a drunk when my legs are not working. I bump into walls and chairs. If you have ever worked out so much that all your muscles are stiff as boards and sore the next day, you know what I go through each day, working the stiff out of them. It sometimes takes all day, then I sleep and mess them up again. So yesterday, I was forcing my legs to take me to the bathroom and I staggered into a door knob. now, I have a perfectly round bruise on my side. Looks like I'm molding. haha
The good news is: after several experiments, I have found that cooked onions do not cause migraines. This is a relief because I can not live without onions!! I'm seriously an onionholic! I have been since my last post without a migraine! I am enjoying the reprieve. I'm stopped up a lot, but I love my chocolate milk for breakfast every morning, so it's all good :)

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