Thursday, April 9, 2009


Our exroommate lied to our daughter about us after we kicked him out for throwing a metal chair of ours at our neighbor's car. He so needs anger management! So many issues with him living with us. He is loud and rude and obnoxious, but we put up with that until he was 500 behind in rent and threw a fit when I asked him to do dishes. He was all like "I work all day..." when he haddn't worked in 3 days and plus, working does not count if you're not helping pay the bills. Then, the dude wants us to use our gas to run him around the world and back and gets loud when we refused. He was a lot of extra weight and the house is peaceful without him here.
I'm still looking for a second job. It's really hard to even get an interview nowadays. The good news is I have an interview set up with a company I've wanted to work for.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A lot going on.
Yesterday, John Allen took me to my 2nd job interview with a company I've been applying at for years. ::crossing my fingers:: John Allen has been called back into active duty, so I've been a mess of tears off and on for days. He'll be leaving next week for an undisclosed destination. I'm so proud of him, he's always been marine first, but I'm accustomed to seeing him weekly and talking to him by phone or email at least 5-6 times a day! I'll miss that while he's gone.
Vin and I have discussed it upsidedown and backwards, and we feel My Pawpaw should come live with us. Billy and Bobby would have to share a room, but are more than willing if they get pawpaw living with us out of it. I miss him sooo much and he's in his 80s and needs someone to help him out sometimes. I know what I'm getting into because I've taken care of him before and I've taken care of other adults as a sitter. Now, to convince him it's where he wants to be.
Everyones been wanting to see my house. lol It's soo not ready for company, but I'm planning a purse party anyway. Not sure of date yet, but this time, we'll be making purses in leather and keeping the purses. (see tandy leatherfactory online for the kits I have onhand-I have all the purses patterns) All I am asking anyone to bring is a covered dish and enough to cover the cost of the kit they want to do. I'll be making cherry dump salad, per 8 requests so far :) not sure if ya'll like it or just don't want me to cook! hahaha ideas for dates can be emailed to me. Also, guys welcome. I have 2 guy wallet patterns and several checkbook covers that can be unisex, so come on out and learn or teach. I'm always looking to learn more about leathercraft! Call me for more info. My cell number never changes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I picked Billy up from school and he hugged me. I hug him all the time, but it is a rare treat indeed for my teenaged son to voluntarily hug me in public. I am blessed. It made my whole day :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


Those who know me well know I love a bargain! SO I'm surfing wanteds in cragslist looking for someone who wants to buy anything I have. I get to the last page and there's an ad titled "excersize equiptment" I'm thinking I know lots of people with that kind of stuff laying around! So I open the ad and they are getting rid of a total gym, not wanting more stuff...the ad was posted in the wrong catagory. I figure I'm wasting my time cause those things are expensive, but my son had asked for a weight set for his birthday, so I gave the people a call. They said it was like new and that if I'd come get it RIGHT NOW I could have it for FREE! They had been trying to unload it for over a month. I chanced it and drove out there. The thing was still in the box! When we got it home, it still had the packing zip ties on it! When Bobby saw it, he was sooo excited! He played with it until I made him come cool down. (it was hot yesterday and we were not running the AC) He tried to talk me into letting him have 2 workouts a day and to raise the incline. I think it will be great for him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lord, grant me the patience...but hurry!

I'm tired and grouchy and all things electronic hate me. We got internet again...the real stuff, not the dialup kind because it was cheeper to pay internet and get magic jack than it was to pay our phone bill. 35 a month for really fast internet plus 19.995 a year for the magic jack is cheeper than 40.00 a month phone bill. And yet, maybe its not worth it because although the magic jack is plug and play and easy to use, the routers are acting up and only allowing 1 comp online at a time lol Probably mad because they were not used for months.

The other electronic giving me fits is my favorite jump drive. It refuses to work with my desktop, so I'm doing all my work on my laptop...which is fine except I do not know how to use the hidden keypad. I need numbers, darn it!

Everytime I sit at my desk, I giggle. On the back of my chair is a t shirt that reads "speling bee winur" Mom got it for me & I love it. Instead of hanging it in my closet, I keep it on my chair so I see it all the time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

new protection

This is one of those entries you should NOT read if you are a guy. So, that said, I tried a new type of maxi. For quite a while, I've been using kotex overnights. This month, I tried a free sample of always infinity overnight. Same protection, lighter, more comfortable. I really like them. When I went to buy more, I saw that Always has a stronger pad! So in addition to the infinities for daytime, I bought Some extra long super overnights. I had 0 leeks this month! Normally, I throw away 3-5 pair of undies a month and this month, I got to keep the whole package! I'm soo stoked! lol I know, its a weird thing to get excited about, but I have gone my whole life without adiquit protection for my heavy cycles. FINALLY having something heavy enough totally rocks!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My idol picks

So far, my picks are::
lil Rounds!! Her story is the whole tornado thing, but who cares about stories when she can sing like THAT? I was in awe!
The oil rig worker!! I believe his name was Michael Sarver. I got chills!

Monday, January 5, 2009

game and good company

I watched a UT game tonight with my sons. Made me miss my Dad and brothers. Was such a close game I had to release the breath I had been holding when it was all over. TEXAS kicked bottom. On Christmas, I called my brothers and while talking to them, realized I had not talked to them in a couple of years. That's way weird for me. I love my brothers. How did we fall out of touch that badly? When I'm over this bug altogether, I'll invote them over. My house isn't much, but its home and I've been learning how to cook. I also have fingernails again. Last few weeks, I've been forcing myself not to bite them. It's really hard! I'm reading the doomspell trilogy by Cliff mcNish. It's a really good book. I got it for Billy for christmas and borrowed it as soon as he was done reading it. I am sooo glad he's finally taking an interest in reading. With as much trouble as he had learning to read and as much as he used to hate it, its a relief to finally be able to share books with him.
Other than that, we've just been renovating our house and working and looking for another job. It would be nice to pull our heads out of the water again. :)

Good news: only the occasional migraine lately and usually associated with being a woman. One was food, but we quickly ided the culprit (recipe below for non migraine sufferers)

It's a classic: Chicken Ittaliano. Fill pan with ittalian dressing. Put in chicken. Let sit in over 2 hours. Put in over at 325ish and cook 15 minutes per pound. It's soo delish...ALMOST worth the 3 day migraine it gave me.