Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lord, grant me the patience...but hurry!

I'm tired and grouchy and all things electronic hate me. We got internet again...the real stuff, not the dialup kind because it was cheeper to pay internet and get magic jack than it was to pay our phone bill. 35 a month for really fast internet plus 19.995 a year for the magic jack is cheeper than 40.00 a month phone bill. And yet, maybe its not worth it because although the magic jack is plug and play and easy to use, the routers are acting up and only allowing 1 comp online at a time lol Probably mad because they were not used for months.

The other electronic giving me fits is my favorite jump drive. It refuses to work with my desktop, so I'm doing all my work on my laptop...which is fine except I do not know how to use the hidden keypad. I need numbers, darn it!

Everytime I sit at my desk, I giggle. On the back of my chair is a t shirt that reads "speling bee winur" Mom got it for me & I love it. Instead of hanging it in my closet, I keep it on my chair so I see it all the time.

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