Friday, February 27, 2009


Those who know me well know I love a bargain! SO I'm surfing wanteds in cragslist looking for someone who wants to buy anything I have. I get to the last page and there's an ad titled "excersize equiptment" I'm thinking I know lots of people with that kind of stuff laying around! So I open the ad and they are getting rid of a total gym, not wanting more stuff...the ad was posted in the wrong catagory. I figure I'm wasting my time cause those things are expensive, but my son had asked for a weight set for his birthday, so I gave the people a call. They said it was like new and that if I'd come get it RIGHT NOW I could have it for FREE! They had been trying to unload it for over a month. I chanced it and drove out there. The thing was still in the box! When we got it home, it still had the packing zip ties on it! When Bobby saw it, he was sooo excited! He played with it until I made him come cool down. (it was hot yesterday and we were not running the AC) He tried to talk me into letting him have 2 workouts a day and to raise the incline. I think it will be great for him.

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