Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our prayer wall (above) will soon be getting a friend in the form of an awards wall. Tonight, at 7pm, Billy and Bobby were supposed to be at Civil Air Patrol, where Billy was supposed to get an award for completing his first flight, but Bobby had an awards ceremony and concert for choir at 7 also. I'm so proud of them both, but it stinks that I had to choose which to go to. I chose to go to the choir one and watch Bobby get a medal for his UIL solo, mainly because it was inside and ice was forming on the windows. Hubby wants to dedicate a wall to their awards, so thats what I'll be working on in my spare time next week. Bobby has several awards from church and choir and Billy has his from art and now from CAP. :) Will post pics of the wall when I get it ready.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Bobby had a choir concert last night. The boys' choir at his school is small, but good. I got several good pics and a couple of sound bites.

Billy is begging to drive again. Might give that a try again on sunday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


for those of you who miss my phography, I put a gallery up at www.justwhatyoualwayswanted.com
Has all the pics from my latest vacation.

driving lessons

I spent a good part of the day today teaching Billy how to drive. We worked on turns and 3 points. A little nerve wracking at times, but he was a really fast learner and by the time we got home from the run, he was confident enough to park next to his dad's jeep. We stuck toaround the neighborhood and probably will for a few lessons. I figure we'll save the rough stuff for after he has a learner's permit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

my guide to pc pest control in runescape

my guide to pc pest control in runescape
start with YOUR OWN clan's people.
You will need 25 people that will commit to play 50 or so games straight.
(takes my team at the most 2 hours to complete 50 games)
You need:
4 archers-stand in towers and kill anything that comes near gate
8 cleaners-kill monsters in front of portals, with spinners being priority targets
3 high level players to kill portals-go to portals as they are unshielded and anniate them
4 defenders-stand in middle and kill anything that comes near the void knight
3 gate keepers-repair gates and keep them shut kill anything that comes near your gate
3 rovers-fill in where you see a need or where anyone shouts for help,
if not needed for anything, they are to kill any monsters to come to the middle gate.

archers bring: 2 crystal bows each.
cleaners bring: best wepons, preferably dragon hally
portal killers bring: abyssal whip
defenders bring: best wepons, preferably dragon hally
gate keepers bring: best wepons and a hammer and some logs (about 15 per game)
rovers bring: best wepons

before the game, assign positions.
split into 4 teams, one for each portal.
each portal needs:
2 cleaners, 1 archer
each gate needs a gate keeper. there are 3 gates
the void knight gets the defenders

after each portal is down, everyone except cleaners become rovers.
Cleaners for downed portals kill all monsters in the portals' area, then become rovers.
Some players prefer to continue their current job on the next portal, this usually works out ok.

shifters port to middle way before the gate, so gate must be kept closed and rangers need to keep an eye out for them.
target them first.
Target a monster, get it to attack you, then switch targets.
If a monster line is attacking the middle, target the monsters behind the attacking monsters,
get them to attack you, then kill the first in line, otherwise, you get a neverending line of attackers.
Give gate keepers a few to restock on logs between each game.
Use clan chat to communicate.
Keep private chat to off.
If you are invaded, switch worlds.
If a team member is caught not doing their job, let them stay until you can replace them, then switch worlds

will add more as I remember :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Angel food

Today is angelfood pick up. For those who don't know what it is, You order groceries through a church and they they take your order and several hundred other peoples' orders and use buying power to get a huge discount on the food. Two weeks later, you pick up your order. www.angelfoodministries.com for more info. So every other week, I either put in an order or I pick up an order. One basic unit will feed a normal person for 1 month. to quote the site "The Angel Food program now is helping provide food relief to more than 500,000 families each month." The use donations to provide relief in their neighborhood. Must run. It's time.

Friday, August 8, 2008

dog attacks and mommy bags

Those who know our dog know he's a good guard dog. Yes, he bites, but only if he doesn't know you and you are in his house. I was in the back yard playing chase with Rexy. He knocks me down and grabs hold of my pant leg and gently tugs it back and forth a bit before bounding up to my face to lick me, both paws on my chest. I guess it looked bad cause a cop stopped and ran to the fence. I sooo glad I saw him! I told him to stay and I told Rexy to sit, which he promptly did. I grabbed his collar and had good hold of him before he saw the cop. He went nuts for a minute until I told him "friend command" three times, then he settled and we went to talk to the cop. I told him about Rexy's rescue and his temperment. Sooo, now, the police around here know about our little guard dog. At least he didn't ask for registration or anything cause I have no idea where that stuff is. The cop petted Rexy and saw how good a boy he is, made sure I was ok from the fall, then left. Rexy and I resumed our game.

I reinstated the mommy bag. When Billy and Bobby were little, I carried a bag with me everywhere. In it was a first aide kit, candy, ect. Everything they or I could possibly need. It was Billy's responsibility from age 3 that when we went shopping, he checked the bag and made sure we got anything we had used up and replace it. I now have a similer bag behind the bathroom door. Billy was soo happy to see it. Even as a teen, he bag is an old friend. awww

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dear John....

I got a call from a friend-we'll call her Makinga Pitstop- today. She's breaking it off completely with her on again off again ex. She read me the letter over the phone. So harsh & funny, I had to share!! We'll call the guy John so it'll be a Dear John letter.

Dear John,
Please quit interfering with my life. I made the best decision for me. There is a reason our relationship never works. I left you for one reason and one reason only. You are an off brand used tire. You maybe good in a pinch, but you are cheep and dirty and you have many hidden weaknesses. The ride is never as good as it should be. I never know when you'll leave me stranded. You are dangerous and dirty. There is too much wear and tear from previous owners that just will never be right again.

Mitch, however is a brand new Michellin. He's strong, sturdy, and reliable. I know I can count on his support. I have a warrenty of sorts. He is much safer. He has no scars. He has a good grip on what's important. He's safe. He's good looking. I know he will last a long while. Best of all, the ride is always the best ride I've ever experienced.

Please, just go on down the road and find a new ride.
Sincerely, Makinga Pitstop

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This and That

The children are home finally! I missed them soo much! Biodad filled my jeep up so getting to work won't be a problem. Billy and Hubby cooked dinner, each cooking 1/2. Billy's 1/2 was more tender and tastier. I was very impressed! The evil cat is still here and will be until next time biodad takes the boys to visit. I reread Robert Fulghum's All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten. Such a cute book. It's one of the ones I read occasionally for a pick me up. Bobby and I tried to build a bookcase. no go. I'll try again tommorrow, but today, my mind just wasn't making heads or tails of the directions. Club live sent me a pink coffee cup and I've been using it nonstop. Our house has an unspoken pink rule...If it's pink, It's mine, as I'm the only female in the house. I'm not a real fan of pink. I'm not a girly girl at all, but anything that lets me keep my stuff works for me. I showed Billy how to play the club games and got him his own account, so he'll be earning his own prizes soon. Have I mentioned I have occasional ADD days? Today, I can't stay on topic very long. ON the desk in front of me sits a single picture frame. In it is a very awesome picture of hubby and I at his brother's wedding. I know this. However, I was missing the boys something fearce, so I had hubby put a picture in front of the awesome picture of us. The picture he chose was him, his grandfather, and our two boys. The boys were dressed alike. GOD! I used to be mean! Anyway, the picture is dated 98, so the boys were 2 and 4. It's one of my favorite pictures of them. You can see their blue eyes clearly and grandpa king looks so happy holding Bobby.
Photos in the inbox. Hubby, in finding the picture he wanted on the desk, took out several pictures. They sit now in his inbox. 1. him and our german shepard/chow mix 2. a picture of me, Billy, and Bobby in front of biodad's house 3. My graduation picture 4. Hubby and Billy 5. Hubby and Bobby
We really need to get some newer pictures taken. Maybe I can win the camera from club live and take pics with it :) I'm off to play and try. I'll write again soon. Love you all. -Mama

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The first words out of his mouth last night were "The house looks really good" Lovely words :) Many women are married to men who don't appreciate their efforts, but mine knows 1) what its like to run the house 2) my cleaning house takes forever cause I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing 3) It's not natural for me and 4) he's a lucky sob to have me cleaning for him. He followed up his comment by scarfing the meatloaf I made for dinner :) Today, I'm grouchy and boated, but I feel fantastic cause nothing except my tummy hurts :) All the moving around I did yesterday limbered my muscles up.
must run. might write more later. I have beds to make and rooms to str8en.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Housewifing days 1 & 2

Day one was a piece of cake. Hubby went to work early, without waking me because I had been not doing real well. The pain had been so bad in my legs and back that I was getting nausiated and had only gone to bed a few hours before hubby had to leave for work. My alarm woke me. I did my yoga, then got dressed and went to take Hubby's gramma to the doctor. She's 87. Made me miss my granny something fearce. The doctor visit took most of the day because they were checking her senility level, her blood levels of everything, and her physical health. We visited and had a grand time, dispite the suroundings. After I dropped her off, I had time to get laundry, watch a show with my favorite cousin and my auntie, do some nessessity shopping, and get dinner ready before hubby got home.
Basic shopping included pasta for spegetti, filters for coffee, and cat litter, so the trip was a very quick one :)
We won't have to do any grocery shopping for a while because I did angelfood this month. They have a really good system where you get a discount because they buy in bulk. Each unit is 30.00 and will feed a person for a month. www.angelfoodministries.com for those who like shopping clubs. They've been a lifesaver for us.

Day two started way early. I was still up with hubby got up for work. I put gas in his car and sent him off to work. I walked the dog, checked on the bunny, added food to her auto-feeder. Once inside, I started a load of dishes and went to bed, letting the swish swish put me to sleep. Pretty late in the afternoon, I woke up. I took the dog out, emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, and got my packages out of the bushes. They were my first prises from club live. Every time you play games you earn tickets (up to 1000 per day) - getting you closer to winning the prizes on your wish list. So, basically, I get real prizes from playing online games. Pretty much rocks. I wandered around the house, putting things away. I hung hubby's work clothes, tidied up the living room, then started tommorrow's dinner. We're having a crockpot thing :) I love the crockinabags! Cleaned the cat box and gave her fresh litter and an extra box in Bobby's room so she can choose to use the one in Billy's room or the one in Bobby's room. Waiting for dishwasher to finish now and its 11pm. The house looks as good as it gets now and all hubby has to do is vaccume and take out the trash. I can't vaccume because of my ears.
Now, I'm about to fix the bathroom wall so the cat can't crawl through the wall into my room to sleep with me.
Tommorrow, I attack the teens' rooms. Billy and Bobby left their rooms clean, but the cat has been in their rooms lol

Saturday, July 26, 2008


The wonderful seasoning I've been using to make lasanya edible (have I mentioned I HATE lasanya???) has garlic in it....Ding ding ding!! We have a winner! The seasoning was the cause of my mysterious migraine. It hit me suddenly at my aunt's house to check the ingredience. sooo DUH!! no more seasoning de ittaliano! The means, also, no more lasany. I hate the stuff!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

mass amounts of email

99 pages of emails to go!!
99 pages of spam!
toggel them all! click mass delete!!
98 pages of emails to go!

silly song, but it gets me through wading through sooooo much spam! I sooo need a filter! At 25 emails per page, I've deleted 40 pages of emails today and still have over 100 pages on one server left and 4 other servers to check.
Wish I had more real emails!! Hint hint!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hidden trigger

Good news: I'm married to a very understanding, supportive man who loves me unconditionally.
Bad news: When I have a migraine, I'm a total beech

I have no idea what triggered it, but the last couple of days have been rough. Every noise, every light....I'm hoping I'm premenstral because I've skipped 2 cycles and I get real uncomfortable when I do that. If not, I have no clue whatsoever...We're in a new place, everything is different, so change is not easy to detect as a trigger.

On a brighter note, my old computer, though slow as mole asses is up and running. We bought cords and a monitor at a yardsale for it for $3. The desk and chair were a bit more, but worth it. It's in front of our back window so I can watch the bunny and dog play. Bunny has a new feeder and waterjug and we rigged her cage to give her tons of running room. Hubby takes her branches and left over veggies most days. She's a tiny dutch/silky mix and has a cage designed for a very large dog. She's loving it! I also got Bobby some books. He wants to be a preacher, and asked for a preacher's library for his birthday. I have 11 books and a bookshelf. I'm waiting to put the shelf together until they get home from vacation. Bobby loves building things and I thought it would be cool to do that together. I really miss the boys. Billy and Bobby went with my biodad, their Gramps up north to visit my grandmother. She's a cat lover like Billy and he loves that.
I've been practicing flying (www.flylady.net) Baby steps.
I cooked dinner 3 nights and cleaned the kitchen by myself. (so proud of myself) One night, the food was NASTY! but hubby still said it was good and ate it all. I have limited ways to cook, but that suits me cause I have limited knowledge in the kitchen lol Hubby on the other hand is an excellent cook. If I'm the cook, we'll be having lasagna a lot, even though I don't like it cause it comes in a box and is really easy to get right. Same with stir fry, but I will be adding my own flourishes to that.
Red lines!! red lines!! lol I cannot spell today. That's ok...my friends are used to it.
Hubby went on a second interview today with a company he's been wanting to work for for a while. ::crossing fingers and praying::
Must run. Much little housewife stuff to do before Hubby gets home. He's been really supportive lately....only redoes what I clean when he thinks I'm not looking LMAO

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The good and the bad

There are good things and bad things about living in the house you grew up in.
Good is...
Everything already has a place. You don't have to rearange a bunch to figure out where things belong because they had a place when you were a kid.

You never get lost. These are your stomping grounds. You could probably get around with your eyes shut (although I wouldn't suggest driving with em shut)

Familiarity. The noises are familier so you sleep well at night. Same goes for the space itsself. It's hard to sleep in a new place, but at home, you always get a good nights sleep.

Painting. You already know what colors everything is supposed to be. You may deviate some, but you know the bedrooms are supposed to be white and the kitchen yellow.

Odd spaces. Those really odd spaces where nothing fits in a new house drive me nuts! But at home, you know what goes in the nooks and crannies.

Migraines...you knew I'd get to this one. The house has no smells that trigger you. You leave all the triggers at the old house or throw them away (which you should have done years ago, you just couldn't identify exactly what was causing them) You move one or two things at a time, so it's easy to ID what was triggering your brain to melt and explode.

The bad is...
work. The place needs work, work and more work and it needs money thrown at it. You'll spend months working on the house to get everything just so and trying to get new technology and new things that you never had in the house growing up to fit in amonst the things that have a place.

The spouse. Your spouse does not know where things belong. He will put them in the wrong places and complain that he can't find anything when you put things away in the correct places.

Furniture. You don't have the same funrniture that you grew up with and you can't buy it...noone sells it anymore. You are stuck aranging and rearanging to make the furniture feel and look right. The computer has no home. It is displaced to the dining room because growing up, there was 1 computer in the house and it was in what is now your youngest child's room..what was then your parent's home office. The second, third and fourth computers are still in boxes...they will take some time to find homes for. Your brain will scramble for months looking for a place to set them up, to no avail. You'll even start thinking...would having computers in the bedrooms be such a bad thing afterall?

Memories. The old place makes you really really miss your Dad. Then, again everything does. As you hang pictures, you cry everytime you find one with Dad or Grandpa in it. Maybe you should have left them in storage a bit longer, but the house isn't complete without a passel of pictures on the hall wall.

I'll write more as I run across them. I am enjoying it for the most part :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And so it begins again...

3 days. Trigger: onions. Yes, I forgot again. Hubby brought me a huge hamburger and I did not even check it. Green, our cook-not really ours; he works for the convenience store down the street-but anyway, Green knows I love onions. For years, we've ordered burgers there and asked for tons of onions. He just automatically puts them on there. I grabbed it and ate it without realizing it cause my taste was off...I've been sick a week now. So, for the last 3 days, I've been in serious pain. We drove out to the cemetery to visit Dad yesterday. The construction is still a pain there & we were gone past time for my dose of Excedrin, so the ride home was awful.

On a lighter note: We grounded our teen son from his afro. Hubby decided that deciding how you look is a privilege for kids that they should only get if they are doing their job: passing school. Soooo he took the teen to a beauty parlor and had them give him a cesar. It looks sooo grown up! Now, we can see his pretty blue eyes. :) He asked for a suit to go to church in. I'm working on saving for it. Will cost about 150-200 for a suit, shoes, shirt, belt.

Teen is also talking to his bio more and more lately. I have mixed feelings about that, but I feel he's old enough to make his own decisions about his bio now. Also, his bio has grown up a lot in the last 14 years. He has a steady, honorable job and doesn't party anymore. He has lived in the same place for several years. He's finally settled.

Hubby and I started hanging out with an old friend again. A little weird cause the guy is and ex of sorts, but we were friends for years before and after, so it's cool that the 3 of us can hang. We've been friends for 14 years and He and Hubby have been friends for 20+. Been playing world of warcraft with him online, also. I have a shaddow priest lvl 49 on hydraxis. Very fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been playing world of warcraft some lately. It's a blast.
The only migraine I've had in the last month was cycle related. This is a huge relief because I had begun to get them several times a week before I found out my triggers. I'm still having trouble most mornings with my muscles not working. Annoying, but I can work around that.
My bestfriends' daughter is in the hospital. She has been for days and I'm impatient for the call that she's alright. She is having oxygen saturation problems.
I lost my phone charger again, so I'm getting more emails from JohnAllen. When he can't call me 20 times a day to say a sentence and hang up, he emails them. Yesterday, I responded to 12 emails, all less than 2 sentences long.
The picture above is the baby in the hospital. She's my youngest goddaughter by minutes. JohnAllen and Shanah have a 1 year old son and tripplete 5 month old daughters. If GOD forbid, something happens to them, I get the house and the kids. The house and all 3 girls' first pic are above, also. I don't know how to get it to put in the middle lol

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing personal

I've gotten 2 complaints that I don't write anything personal anymore. There are many reasons for this. First, I just haven't been feeling like a person. Lately, everything that happens to me seems to be medical. Second, although many of you are old friends from my old blog, it feels like writing to a new friend right now.
So, here a few personal things
1. My son's hair is crazy! I have real fine, thin hair. He inherited his biofather's thick, course hair. We have endless talks on how to manage it, which he basically ignores, so his hair is getting more mangy. It's really time for a hair cut. He usually only gets a trim, but its time to cut off about 3 inches. It has become such a problem that biodad who wakes me for nothing, woke me this afternoon before shopping to make sure he got the right stuff so the kids hair doesn't go feral.
2. My husband got a job offer he couldn't pass up. I think he was wanting to get back to work anyway. Last night, I stayed up all night to make sure his laundry was done and that everything was ready for him to go to work this morning. I'm sure I did the laundry wrong. I did laundry right all my life-then I met hubby. As soon as I met him, doing laundry right was a thing of the past. He was smart enough this morning not to complain. me+being nice+no sleep=tip toe or loose your feet! The weird thing is I enjoy doing these little things for him. There is something intimate about taking care of the person who takes care of you. I sang little songs while I took care of getting his things prepared for the day. It was nice.
3. I have a theory. If the mama (my husband) is working, and I am not, that makes me the Mama, right?

Friday, February 8, 2008

And we all fall down....well, at least I do

I feel bruised and battered. I keep loosing my footing when my knee shoots pain through my body. The other night, I was stepping out of our room to go to the back room and my knee went weak. I tipped over and landed weird on the door and IT FELL OFF THE HINGES! I was laughing too hard to get up for a few minutes. I broke the door with my butt! I walk like a drunk when my legs are not working. I bump into walls and chairs. If you have ever worked out so much that all your muscles are stiff as boards and sore the next day, you know what I go through each day, working the stiff out of them. It sometimes takes all day, then I sleep and mess them up again. So yesterday, I was forcing my legs to take me to the bathroom and I staggered into a door knob. now, I have a perfectly round bruise on my side. Looks like I'm molding. haha
The good news is: after several experiments, I have found that cooked onions do not cause migraines. This is a relief because I can not live without onions!! I'm seriously an onionholic! I have been since my last post without a migraine! I am enjoying the reprieve. I'm stopped up a lot, but I love my chocolate milk for breakfast every morning, so it's all good :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Note to self: I'm the Mama

I manage to get out of bed today even though I'm sore. Yesterday, I fell twice trying to force my legs to carry me. So anyway, today, I get up and start getting dressed and realize I have 1 clean outfit. ONE! I have 2 rooms full of clothes and all I have clean is one outfit. With hubby working, I'm the Mama and I'm resposable for laundry. ooopps!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

yesterday's trigger: onions

I know better! I soo know better! It's beyond habit, though. They bring me a huge hamburger with everything on the side and I add onions. It took me 2 days to be able to get back to work. I did not even realize I had done it until the pain started. 16 walgreen's Migraine relief tabs and I'm back to normal (2 at a time over 2 days) and I'm back to normal. Legs still giving me trouble. They don't want to move.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's Migraine Trigger: Being a woman

It has to be because I have not eaten anything on "THE LIST" and I have been keeping vampiric hours to avoid being touched by the Evil Day Star (reference to my favorite book of all time). I have been awake for 2 days because when I lay down, I get sea sick-weird because I don't have an eardrum andtherefore, cannot get sea sick, or so they tell me, but migraines make me sea sick, just like paddleboats did when I was younger, back when I did have eardrums. Plus, if I lay on one side, my legs and hips hurt and jerk. If I lay on the other side, I can hear the fan and it slices my brain as it spins. This would be understandable if it were an industrial sized fan, but its a baby fan; smaller than a dinner plateand usually very quiet, but when I have a migraine, it becomes a jet engine.
This morning, I took a dose of excederine migraine and suffered, asking my hubby every 10 or so minutes if it was time to take more. The third time I asked, he says, "look at the clock," and hands me the clock. It's been 53 minutes. By now, I've kept Hubby awake over 20 hours. I sit quietly behind the laptop computer, not using it, just hiding behind it from the fan. At this point, he evil thing is blowing wind into my face and it feels like pellets being thrown at me. Everytime I lean my head out and open my mouth, Hubby say, "no, it's not tim, yet," so I go back to my hiding. When he finally lets me take my second dose, it's ot long before the fan's evil cousin, cell phone rings and sets off explosions in my head. The call triggers time to go mode, so I drag my bottom out of bed (might as well, I'm not sleeping) and we go. One step out of the nice, dark house triggersa full blown explosion of pain. I suddenly cannot see because the evil day star has sent lazer beams down and incenerated my entire brain! I am frozen in place. Hubby says, "come on, we're on a schedule." I tell him, "I'd love to go, but I can't see." Tears are streaming down my cheeks. It hurts so bad! Then, in front of everyone, my hubby takes my arm and leads me to the car. and puts me gently in like I'm helpless. I love him for taking care of me, but I hate that I can not be totally independant. I hold my eyes the whole way and by the time we arrive, I'm hurting so bad hat I'm shaking. I hurry in to get out of the Evil Day Star's reach. Within minutes, my headache slows to a stabbing throb. An hour later, its barely there, lurking behind the Excederine wall, waiing for a break or crack to come back through. The good news is, Hubby is working again. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

migraine triggers

a little history on the name of my new blog:
when I left my old one, I promised that would be the title.
Mom and I were standing around and she offered me a breakfast bar with peanuts in it. I started to take it, then came to my senses and said it...things with nuts give me migraines. My hubby gave me a really hurt look, not realizing I was talking about food...this time.

This is straight from web md, word for word.
A migraine attack typically involves a headache that lasts for 4 to 72 hours. Migraine attacks can range from mild to severe and often have other symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, or vomiting.

No one knows exactly why migraines happen, but it's thought that a series of events begins with the excitement of nerve cells in the brain. These overexcitable nerve cells then send out impulses to the blood vessels in the brain. The nerve releases substances that cause inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels resulting in pain and throbbing

My thoughts on this are...4-72 hours. I guess I don't have migraines then, mine have been known to last up to 5 days!

my common Triggers:
sodium nitrate containing foods
MSG containing foods
peanuts, well really all nuts and seeds
green beans
lack of caffeine in large doses
pickles in large quantities
being a woman...cycle changes

Those who know me know how terrible this list is. I eat onions on everything, or at least I used to before they started ripping my head to shreds. I used to eat peanuts and other nuts by the bag daily, then I started getting the migraines again. I love pickles! Loud music rocks!! Light is nessissary to read, durnit! And, in no way can I avoid being a woman! :P

My best friend, John Allen

and now that I have you hooked........notice the shirt. In true fashion, John Allen picks a PINK shirt!! This man was once fighting to save our country folks!!

Things you should know about me

1. I'm a beach, except more itchy
2. I don't cuss as a matter of rule, but I do openly discuss subjects that are not appropriate for reading at work or in front of children
3. My best friend in the whole world is a very hot, well toned, ex marine who is married to my closest girl friend. He also just happens to be gay. Sometimes flamingly so. When I post about him, it is because these are the things I love about him. If you are offended by it, feel free to leave. He approves all my posts.

Introducing me

I am a 30 year old college graduate. I have 2 teen aged sons. I am not, however, a typical mother. In fact, if I were to be classified as a parent, I would have to say, I am their father. I work, my hubby is a stay at home dad who cooks and cleans and takes care of our 2 sons. This works for us. It's not traditional, but I don't believe anything in my life ever was. I am beginning this blog to share some of my story with you all. I once had a blog somewhere else that a lot of people read regularly, but someone sensitive discovered it, so I can not write there any longer. You understand. So, now that life is back to normal after the holidays, I begin this new blog. Thank you to all who have followed me here.