Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Housewifing days 1 & 2

Day one was a piece of cake. Hubby went to work early, without waking me because I had been not doing real well. The pain had been so bad in my legs and back that I was getting nausiated and had only gone to bed a few hours before hubby had to leave for work. My alarm woke me. I did my yoga, then got dressed and went to take Hubby's gramma to the doctor. She's 87. Made me miss my granny something fearce. The doctor visit took most of the day because they were checking her senility level, her blood levels of everything, and her physical health. We visited and had a grand time, dispite the suroundings. After I dropped her off, I had time to get laundry, watch a show with my favorite cousin and my auntie, do some nessessity shopping, and get dinner ready before hubby got home.
Basic shopping included pasta for spegetti, filters for coffee, and cat litter, so the trip was a very quick one :)
We won't have to do any grocery shopping for a while because I did angelfood this month. They have a really good system where you get a discount because they buy in bulk. Each unit is 30.00 and will feed a person for a month. www.angelfoodministries.com for those who like shopping clubs. They've been a lifesaver for us.

Day two started way early. I was still up with hubby got up for work. I put gas in his car and sent him off to work. I walked the dog, checked on the bunny, added food to her auto-feeder. Once inside, I started a load of dishes and went to bed, letting the swish swish put me to sleep. Pretty late in the afternoon, I woke up. I took the dog out, emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, and got my packages out of the bushes. They were my first prises from club live. Every time you play games you earn tickets (up to 1000 per day) - getting you closer to winning the prizes on your wish list. So, basically, I get real prizes from playing online games. Pretty much rocks. I wandered around the house, putting things away. I hung hubby's work clothes, tidied up the living room, then started tommorrow's dinner. We're having a crockpot thing :) I love the crockinabags! Cleaned the cat box and gave her fresh litter and an extra box in Bobby's room so she can choose to use the one in Billy's room or the one in Bobby's room. Waiting for dishwasher to finish now and its 11pm. The house looks as good as it gets now and all hubby has to do is vaccume and take out the trash. I can't vaccume because of my ears.
Now, I'm about to fix the bathroom wall so the cat can't crawl through the wall into my room to sleep with me.
Tommorrow, I attack the teens' rooms. Billy and Bobby left their rooms clean, but the cat has been in their rooms lol

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