Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hidden trigger

Good news: I'm married to a very understanding, supportive man who loves me unconditionally.
Bad news: When I have a migraine, I'm a total beech

I have no idea what triggered it, but the last couple of days have been rough. Every noise, every light....I'm hoping I'm premenstral because I've skipped 2 cycles and I get real uncomfortable when I do that. If not, I have no clue whatsoever...We're in a new place, everything is different, so change is not easy to detect as a trigger.

On a brighter note, my old computer, though slow as mole asses is up and running. We bought cords and a monitor at a yardsale for it for $3. The desk and chair were a bit more, but worth it. It's in front of our back window so I can watch the bunny and dog play. Bunny has a new feeder and waterjug and we rigged her cage to give her tons of running room. Hubby takes her branches and left over veggies most days. She's a tiny dutch/silky mix and has a cage designed for a very large dog. She's loving it! I also got Bobby some books. He wants to be a preacher, and asked for a preacher's library for his birthday. I have 11 books and a bookshelf. I'm waiting to put the shelf together until they get home from vacation. Bobby loves building things and I thought it would be cool to do that together. I really miss the boys. Billy and Bobby went with my biodad, their Gramps up north to visit my grandmother. She's a cat lover like Billy and he loves that.
I've been practicing flying ( Baby steps.
I cooked dinner 3 nights and cleaned the kitchen by myself. (so proud of myself) One night, the food was NASTY! but hubby still said it was good and ate it all. I have limited ways to cook, but that suits me cause I have limited knowledge in the kitchen lol Hubby on the other hand is an excellent cook. If I'm the cook, we'll be having lasagna a lot, even though I don't like it cause it comes in a box and is really easy to get right. Same with stir fry, but I will be adding my own flourishes to that.
Red lines!! red lines!! lol I cannot spell today. That's friends are used to it.
Hubby went on a second interview today with a company he's been wanting to work for for a while. ::crossing fingers and praying::
Must run. Much little housewife stuff to do before Hubby gets home. He's been really supportive lately....only redoes what I clean when he thinks I'm not looking LMAO

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