Sunday, July 20, 2008

The good and the bad

There are good things and bad things about living in the house you grew up in.
Good is...
Everything already has a place. You don't have to rearange a bunch to figure out where things belong because they had a place when you were a kid.

You never get lost. These are your stomping grounds. You could probably get around with your eyes shut (although I wouldn't suggest driving with em shut)

Familiarity. The noises are familier so you sleep well at night. Same goes for the space itsself. It's hard to sleep in a new place, but at home, you always get a good nights sleep.

Painting. You already know what colors everything is supposed to be. You may deviate some, but you know the bedrooms are supposed to be white and the kitchen yellow.

Odd spaces. Those really odd spaces where nothing fits in a new house drive me nuts! But at home, you know what goes in the nooks and crannies. knew I'd get to this one. The house has no smells that trigger you. You leave all the triggers at the old house or throw them away (which you should have done years ago, you just couldn't identify exactly what was causing them) You move one or two things at a time, so it's easy to ID what was triggering your brain to melt and explode.

The bad is...
work. The place needs work, work and more work and it needs money thrown at it. You'll spend months working on the house to get everything just so and trying to get new technology and new things that you never had in the house growing up to fit in amonst the things that have a place.

The spouse. Your spouse does not know where things belong. He will put them in the wrong places and complain that he can't find anything when you put things away in the correct places.

Furniture. You don't have the same funrniture that you grew up with and you can't buy it...noone sells it anymore. You are stuck aranging and rearanging to make the furniture feel and look right. The computer has no home. It is displaced to the dining room because growing up, there was 1 computer in the house and it was in what is now your youngest child's room..what was then your parent's home office. The second, third and fourth computers are still in boxes...they will take some time to find homes for. Your brain will scramble for months looking for a place to set them up, to no avail. You'll even start thinking...would having computers in the bedrooms be such a bad thing afterall?

Memories. The old place makes you really really miss your Dad. Then, again everything does. As you hang pictures, you cry everytime you find one with Dad or Grandpa in it. Maybe you should have left them in storage a bit longer, but the house isn't complete without a passel of pictures on the hall wall.

I'll write more as I run across them. I am enjoying it for the most part :)

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