Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our prayer wall (above) will soon be getting a friend in the form of an awards wall. Tonight, at 7pm, Billy and Bobby were supposed to be at Civil Air Patrol, where Billy was supposed to get an award for completing his first flight, but Bobby had an awards ceremony and concert for choir at 7 also. I'm so proud of them both, but it stinks that I had to choose which to go to. I chose to go to the choir one and watch Bobby get a medal for his UIL solo, mainly because it was inside and ice was forming on the windows. Hubby wants to dedicate a wall to their awards, so thats what I'll be working on in my spare time next week. Bobby has several awards from church and choir and Billy has his from art and now from CAP. :) Will post pics of the wall when I get it ready.

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