Monday, January 5, 2009

game and good company

I watched a UT game tonight with my sons. Made me miss my Dad and brothers. Was such a close game I had to release the breath I had been holding when it was all over. TEXAS kicked bottom. On Christmas, I called my brothers and while talking to them, realized I had not talked to them in a couple of years. That's way weird for me. I love my brothers. How did we fall out of touch that badly? When I'm over this bug altogether, I'll invote them over. My house isn't much, but its home and I've been learning how to cook. I also have fingernails again. Last few weeks, I've been forcing myself not to bite them. It's really hard! I'm reading the doomspell trilogy by Cliff mcNish. It's a really good book. I got it for Billy for christmas and borrowed it as soon as he was done reading it. I am sooo glad he's finally taking an interest in reading. With as much trouble as he had learning to read and as much as he used to hate it, its a relief to finally be able to share books with him.
Other than that, we've just been renovating our house and working and looking for another job. It would be nice to pull our heads out of the water again. :)

Good news: only the occasional migraine lately and usually associated with being a woman. One was food, but we quickly ided the culprit (recipe below for non migraine sufferers)

It's a classic: Chicken Ittaliano. Fill pan with ittalian dressing. Put in chicken. Let sit in over 2 hours. Put in over at 325ish and cook 15 minutes per pound. It's soo delish...ALMOST worth the 3 day migraine it gave me.

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