Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's Migraine Trigger: Being a woman

It has to be because I have not eaten anything on "THE LIST" and I have been keeping vampiric hours to avoid being touched by the Evil Day Star (reference to my favorite book of all time). I have been awake for 2 days because when I lay down, I get sea sick-weird because I don't have an eardrum andtherefore, cannot get sea sick, or so they tell me, but migraines make me sea sick, just like paddleboats did when I was younger, back when I did have eardrums. Plus, if I lay on one side, my legs and hips hurt and jerk. If I lay on the other side, I can hear the fan and it slices my brain as it spins. This would be understandable if it were an industrial sized fan, but its a baby fan; smaller than a dinner plateand usually very quiet, but when I have a migraine, it becomes a jet engine.
This morning, I took a dose of excederine migraine and suffered, asking my hubby every 10 or so minutes if it was time to take more. The third time I asked, he says, "look at the clock," and hands me the clock. It's been 53 minutes. By now, I've kept Hubby awake over 20 hours. I sit quietly behind the laptop computer, not using it, just hiding behind it from the fan. At this point, he evil thing is blowing wind into my face and it feels like pellets being thrown at me. Everytime I lean my head out and open my mouth, Hubby say, "no, it's not tim, yet," so I go back to my hiding. When he finally lets me take my second dose, it's ot long before the fan's evil cousin, cell phone rings and sets off explosions in my head. The call triggers time to go mode, so I drag my bottom out of bed (might as well, I'm not sleeping) and we go. One step out of the nice, dark house triggersa full blown explosion of pain. I suddenly cannot see because the evil day star has sent lazer beams down and incenerated my entire brain! I am frozen in place. Hubby says, "come on, we're on a schedule." I tell him, "I'd love to go, but I can't see." Tears are streaming down my cheeks. It hurts so bad! Then, in front of everyone, my hubby takes my arm and leads me to the car. and puts me gently in like I'm helpless. I love him for taking care of me, but I hate that I can not be totally independant. I hold my eyes the whole way and by the time we arrive, I'm hurting so bad hat I'm shaking. I hurry in to get out of the Evil Day Star's reach. Within minutes, my headache slows to a stabbing throb. An hour later, its barely there, lurking behind the Excederine wall, waiing for a break or crack to come back through. The good news is, Hubby is working again. :)

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