Friday, August 8, 2008

dog attacks and mommy bags

Those who know our dog know he's a good guard dog. Yes, he bites, but only if he doesn't know you and you are in his house. I was in the back yard playing chase with Rexy. He knocks me down and grabs hold of my pant leg and gently tugs it back and forth a bit before bounding up to my face to lick me, both paws on my chest. I guess it looked bad cause a cop stopped and ran to the fence. I sooo glad I saw him! I told him to stay and I told Rexy to sit, which he promptly did. I grabbed his collar and had good hold of him before he saw the cop. He went nuts for a minute until I told him "friend command" three times, then he settled and we went to talk to the cop. I told him about Rexy's rescue and his temperment. Sooo, now, the police around here know about our little guard dog. At least he didn't ask for registration or anything cause I have no idea where that stuff is. The cop petted Rexy and saw how good a boy he is, made sure I was ok from the fall, then left. Rexy and I resumed our game.

I reinstated the mommy bag. When Billy and Bobby were little, I carried a bag with me everywhere. In it was a first aide kit, candy, ect. Everything they or I could possibly need. It was Billy's responsibility from age 3 that when we went shopping, he checked the bag and made sure we got anything we had used up and replace it. I now have a similer bag behind the bathroom door. Billy was soo happy to see it. Even as a teen, he bag is an old friend. awww

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