Thursday, March 12, 2009


A lot going on.
Yesterday, John Allen took me to my 2nd job interview with a company I've been applying at for years. ::crossing my fingers:: John Allen has been called back into active duty, so I've been a mess of tears off and on for days. He'll be leaving next week for an undisclosed destination. I'm so proud of him, he's always been marine first, but I'm accustomed to seeing him weekly and talking to him by phone or email at least 5-6 times a day! I'll miss that while he's gone.
Vin and I have discussed it upsidedown and backwards, and we feel My Pawpaw should come live with us. Billy and Bobby would have to share a room, but are more than willing if they get pawpaw living with us out of it. I miss him sooo much and he's in his 80s and needs someone to help him out sometimes. I know what I'm getting into because I've taken care of him before and I've taken care of other adults as a sitter. Now, to convince him it's where he wants to be.
Everyones been wanting to see my house. lol It's soo not ready for company, but I'm planning a purse party anyway. Not sure of date yet, but this time, we'll be making purses in leather and keeping the purses. (see tandy leatherfactory online for the kits I have onhand-I have all the purses patterns) All I am asking anyone to bring is a covered dish and enough to cover the cost of the kit they want to do. I'll be making cherry dump salad, per 8 requests so far :) not sure if ya'll like it or just don't want me to cook! hahaha ideas for dates can be emailed to me. Also, guys welcome. I have 2 guy wallet patterns and several checkbook covers that can be unisex, so come on out and learn or teach. I'm always looking to learn more about leathercraft! Call me for more info. My cell number never changes.

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