Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baggy Britches

I know! You've heard this rant before, but it bears repeating. Girls like boys in tight wranglers! Every little girl grows up admiring wrangler butts, tight leather, or well fitted slacks. SOOO, guys, why do you expect us to even look when you are sagging? It's not sexy! I really miss the 80s when men showed off their ASSets!

You say, "but what about ? He gets all the girls and he saggs" Well, yes he does, but HELLO!! He has a bank account that rivals fort knox. THAT's why he gets the girls. They are not swooning over his bottom in loose, unflattering pants, They are swooning over his briefcase sized wallet!

Lets put this in perspective: You like the girls in clothes that show the curves. We know you do! Same girl in loose sweats, though, and you loose interest. It's the same thing! Why should we fake interest in your sagging behinds? What we really want is for you to wear clothes that FIT!

Pull em up!!

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